Now taking nominations for Elections – Due May 9, 2016

RTA Members,

This year’s election cycle is coming quickly. Elections will be held for the following positions, Association Executives as well as the Building Representatives.

Executive (2 Year Term):

Vice President
Vice President
Vice President

Building Representatives (1 Year Term):
SHS: 4
SMS: 4
Cherry Lane: 2
RP Connor: 2
Montebello: 2
Sloatsburg: 1
Viola: 2

Nominations will open Monday, May 2nd and will close on Monday, May 9th at the General Membership meeting. Nominations for executives require a signed petition of at least 10 members (scanned & emailed or interofficed). Nominations for building representatives require at least 2 emails, from separate members, sent to Ed Provanzana.

Elections will be during the 3rd week of May. Please email Ed if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Ed Provanzana

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RTA Election Results

Thank you all for your nominations and candidacies for Building Representatives for the 2015-2016 school year. The Building Representatives are as follows:

Gracie Taudel
Christine Van Dyke
Ed O’Connor
Mike Tully
Bill Ballerine

Liza Martin
Faith Braut
KC Davan
Lisa Passudetti

Cindy Reisenauer
Renee Dawson

Jen Martini
Debbie Miller

Cherry Lane
Wendy Hock
Cortney Steffans

Mary Roemer
Erin DiFabio

Holly Quinn
Kevin McCarren​

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RTA Officer nominations due by April 27, 2015

RTA Members,

In the lead up to our next General Membership meeting, nominations for the 2015-2016 Officers positions are now open.

Building Representatives

Building Representatives are determined via the size of the RTA staff in the building. They serve a one year term, which starts on June 1st. As we know from recent developments, Building Representatives are essential to maintaining communication and organizing our group efforts within the RTA.

Suffern High School- 5 Reps
Suffern Middle School- 4 Reps
Cherry Lane- 2 Reps
Montebello- 2 Reps
R.P. Connor- 2 Reps
Sloatsburg- 1 Rep
Viola- 2 Reps

In order to nominate a candidate, the following is required:

Two individual emails addressed and sent to Ed Provanzana ( from a member in good standing with the RTA, stating the candidates name and building in which they work. No nominations will be accepted on the floor of the General Membership meeting.

Nominations for candidates for Building Representatives will be accepted by email until 12:00 P.M. on Monday, April 27th. Nominees will be contacted before the election. You may not nominate yourself for the position.

Executive Officer Positions

Executives were nominated and elected at the end of the 2014 school year. Leadership remains as is.


Elections will take place Tuesday, May 12th. The vote will be conducted using electronic balloting from A vote will only be held if your building warrants it.

Thank you for your time and participation in RTA!


Ed Provanzana

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Congratulations to the RTA delegates to the 2012 Representative Assembly

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Representative Assembly election on Wednesday, February 20, 2013. Congratulations to Dominick Martiniello and Andrew Gibson on their election. The feedback I have received regarding the BallotBin System and email registration has been positive, and the RTA hopes to utilize the system again for Building Representative Elections later this school year.

Best regards,

-Ed Provanzana

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Call for Nominations – RTA Delegates to NYSUT Representative Assembly

Members of the RTA,

The NYSUT Representative Assembly is quickly approaching. The RTA will be sending 2 delegates along with President Canty to Washington, D.C. for 2 days (April 11-13, 2013) to be a part of the legislative process of the union.

Nominations for candidates as delegates to the Assembly will be accepted by email until 12:00 P.M. on Friday, February 15, 2013. A complete nomination must include two emails from members in good standing with the RTA replied to me. Nominees will be conferred with before the election. You may not nominate yourself for the position.

Lastly, this email is being used as the preliminary notification for an online ballot system. This system is being implemented to cut down on paper waste and time needed to count votes. The email address you are receiving this message at will be your voting identification when the ballot arrives. More information regarding voting will follow once the candidates are set. Please check with your colleagues as we may have missed some email addresses in our latest RTA list.

Thank you!

-Ed Provanzana

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Election Thank yous and Results

Thank you to the following RTA members for their hard work and dedication in getting out the vote.

Bill Ballerine –  organizing phone calls & making/ordering postcards

Dave McNally –  posting signs around the area

The following people took time out of their day to label and prepare cards for mailing:
Mary Amodeo
Eileen Staker
Ed Provanzana
Liz Coletta
Kathy Farrow
Christina DeFeo
Debbie Frey
Phil Lima
Pam Greenberg
Ian Diamond

The budget passed with nearly 70% support from the voting public. Please thank those members who were able to help out. Thank you.

Andrew Gibson

The RTA election results are being posted as they come in…:

RTA Officers
President-John Canty
Vice President H.S.-Greg Casarella
Vice President M.S.-Patty Marina
Vice President Elementary-Andrew Gibson
Treasurer-Robert Marina
Secretary-Patty Macchia

Building Representatives
Viola-2 Seats
Jen Butler
Janine Cerabona

Sloatsburg-1 Seat
Jen Ramundo/Debbie Miller
Deanne Martin/Elvire Conklin

Montebello-2 Seats
Kevin McCaren
Eleni Pallogudis

R.P. Connor-2 Seats
Linda Jordan
Erin Difabio

Cherry Lane-2 Seats
Donna Cardillo
Paul Garfano

Suffern Middle School-4 Seats
Lisa Passudetti
Christine D’Antonio-Krebs
Karen Falasca
Ashley Connington

Suffern High School-5 Seats
Christine Van Dyke
Steve Marx
Bill Ballerine
Mike Tully
Ed O’Connor

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RTA Election Results

Here are the results from the May 2008 RTA Elections.  RTA members elected building representatives, a substitute representative and RTA officers.

Building Representative
SHS (5)
Kathryn Birmingham
Mary Charles
Ed O’Connor
Mike Purdy
Mike Tully
SMS (4)
Christine D’Antonio
Karen Falasca
Patty Parker
Lisa Passudetti
Viola (2)
Jennifer Butler
Jeanine Cerabona
Cherry Lane (2)
Donna Cardillo
Paul Garafano
Montebello (2)
Eleni Palloguids
Kathy Boffardi
RP Connor (2)
Erin DiFabio
Christine Dunn
Sloatsburg (1)
Millie Vega/ Eleanor Cerny



Substitute Representative (1)
Lois Williams



RTA Officers
President John Canty
Secretary Patty Macchia
Treasurer Robert Marina
1st VP Patricia Marina
2nd VP Greg Casarella
3rd VP Andrew Gibson

The RTA congratulates and thanks all members who voted this year.  In addition, special thanks goes to each building’s election officials:

SMS Tracy Nugent
Montebello Mary Pilla
Viola Lorinda Sanford
Sloatsburg Brad Sahlstrom
Cherry Lane Teri Fegarsky
R.P. Connor Michele Foley
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