RTA Elections

RTA Members,
In the lead up to our General Membership meeting on May 5th, nominations for the 2014-2015 Officers positions are now open.

Executive Officer Positions
Executive Officers serve a 2 year term starting June 1st.
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President

In order to nominate a candidate, the following is required:
On a single paper, 10 names and signatures nominating a member for the position. This nomination will need to be sent via interoffice mail to  Ed Provanzana @ Suffern High School by Wednesday, April 30th. No nominations will be accepted on the floor of the General Membership meeting.

Building Representatives
Building Representatives are determined via the size of the RTA staff in the building. They serve a one year term, which starts on June 1st. As we know from recent developments, Building Representatives are essential to maintaining communication and organizing our group efforts within the RTA.

Suffern High School-       5 Reps
Suffern Middle School- 4 Reps
Cherry Lane-                      2 Reps
Montebello-                      2 Reps
R.P. Connor-                      2 Reps
Sloatsburg-                         1 Rep
Viola-                                    2 Reps

In order to nominate a candidate, the following is required:
Two individual emails addressed and sent to Ed Provanzana (eprovanzana@ramapocentral.org) from a member in good standing with the RTA, stating the candidates name and building in which they work. No nominations will be accepted on the floor of the General Membership meeting.
Nominations for candidates for Building Representatives will be accepted by email until 12:00 P.M. on Wednesday April 30th. Nominees will be contacted before the election. You may not nominate yourself for the position.

Elections will take place during the week of May 19th. The vote will be conducted using electronic balloting from BallotBin.com.
Thank you for your time and participation in RTA!

Ed Provanzana

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RTA Scholarship info. Applications due April 30, 2014

Subject: RTA Scholarship
Application Due Date: April 30, 2014
Interview Date: Thurs., May 22, 2014
Eligibility: If you are an RTA member and have a child who will be attending college next year, your child is eligible to apply for the family scholarship.

Application: If your child attends Suffern High School, they can fill out the local scholarship application listed on the guidance website and simply check off that they are applying for the RTA Family Scholarship.

If you are an RTA member and your child does not attend Suffern High School, the application can be found below:
RTAFamily application

For more info, see Flyer on Scholarship.

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Download and install the NYSUT MAC smartphone app!

NYSUT smartphone app

“Taking action to support the issues that are important to you and to all NYSUT members has just gotten easier.”

With the launch of the NEW Member Action Center smartphone apps for iPhone/iPod Touch and Android phones, you can TAKE ACTION on the train, walking between appointments, or waiting to pick up your kids! It literally takes just a few seconds to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Plus, you’ll be able to receive push notifications from NYSUT whenever a pressing issue needs our collective voices to move the needle in our favor – to add YOUR voice with just a few swipes.

And if you use the app to take action consistently, you could end up on the MAC Leaderboard!

The app is FREE, so go download it to your iPhone/iPod Touch or Android phones today.

To get the NYSUT MAC app for your iPhone/iPod Touch:

Visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch and search for “NYSUT.”

– or –

Click here, use the link on the Web page to open iTunes, download the MAC app, then synch your iPhone or iPod Touch with iTunes to transfer the app.

To get the NYSUT MAC app for your Android phone (v 2.3.3+):

Visit Google Play on your Android Phone and search for “NYSUT.”

– or –

Click here and follow the onscreen directions.

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Tell it like it is!

NYSUT United – November 20, 2012 

NYSUT - Tell it like it is

NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi encourages teachers, including Ginny Seaman, a seventh-grade science teacher, left, and Tracey Jachnert, an eighth-grade math teacher, both Arlington TA members, to “Tell it like it is” in their classrooms. Seaman and Jachnert are using NYSUT’s online letter to State Education Commissioner John King and the Board of Regents to set them straight about the impact budget cuts and the testing obsession have on students and the learning environment. Add your voice! Go to www.nysut.org/tellit.

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NYSUT adopts resolution against high-stakes testing

NYSUT Media Relations – April 13, 2013


 WASHINGTON, D.C. April 13, 2013 – Just days before New York state students sit for yet another round of standardized tests, delegates to New York State United Teachers annual policymaking convention unanimously passed a resolution criticizing SED’s rocky implementation of new Common Core standards and demanding that this year’s test results not be used for high-stakes decisions affecting students and teachers.

Close to 2,000 delegates to NYSUT’s 41st Representative Assembly unanimously passed Resolution No. 10 – Common Core Testing Unfair to Students – after roaring “Let us teach” in a chant directed at the State Education Department.

Delegates, who represent more than 600,000 members across New Yorkstate, made it clear during a question-and-answer session with State Education Commissioner John King that the state’s flawed implementation and obsession with commercial standardized tests is hurting students and narrowing curriculum. One teacher questioned why the rush to test, given that the state has produced only five of the promised 39 math modules for middle school. A teacher called it “heart-breaking” to see special education students and English Language Learners struggle through the grade-level tests “when the data does not support having them sit for those tests.” Another spoke of the devastating impact on student morale from test scores which SED has acknowledged will drop dramatically.

NYSUT President Richard C. Iannuzzi said that, while the Common Core holds the “potential” to enhance student learning, the State Education Department rushed the tests. “No experienced teacher would test what hasn’t been taught, but that is exactly what the state is doing,” Iannuzzi said.  “Delegates continue to send a loud and clear message to the State Education Department that our students are more than a test score.”

In an impassioned speech to delegates, NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira stressed: “Parents and community members want what educators want for our students – fairness, equity and the opportunity to learn. This year’s tests must not be used for high-stakes decisions involving students and teachers!”

The new standardized tests are being given next week based on Common Core guidance that SED is still rolling out to teachers. Parents and teachers have spoken out against the state’s rush to test, using NYSUT’s statewide media campaign and parent petition (http://testing.nysut.org/).  The union has been sending SED and the Regents 100 letters a day from educators detailing the harm caused to students by these high-stakes, one-size-fits all-tests and offering solutions. At the convention, NYSUT officially delivered to SED the aggregate 10,000 educator letters received to date.

“Teachers and parents are united, speaking in one voice against the state’s obsession with tests.  Parents and educators can’t be wrong, but the Education Department and Regents are not listening,” Neira said. “We need the SED and Regents to make the needed course correction now.”

NYSUT, the state’s largest union, represents more than 600,000 teachers, school-related professionals, academic and professional faculty in higher education, professionals in education and health care and retirees. NYSUT is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association and the AFL-CIO.

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Jason Kahn: NYSUT Health Care Professionals Member of the Year

Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn
Rockland BOCES Staff Association

RA 2013 – April 8, 2013

Jason Kahn is a 12-year veteran as a school social worker serving the mental health needs of a diverse population of students at Rockland County BOCES. He also has spent 12 years as a building rep and serves as a member of the negotiating team and the Local Action Project team for the Rockland BOCES Staff Association.

Kahn is a highly respected member of his local union noted for his active involvement in numerous union-related activities. He developed and organized the local staff association newsletter that unifies the membership. Kahn promotes and demonstrates excellence through his position as a union representative as well as a BOCES social worker.

Kahn participates and collaborates at various NYSUT sponsored programs, such as the NYSUT BOCES Leadership Conference. He continually advocates and promotes harmonious working environments by modeling positive work styles and image. His peers at the high school where he works relish the cooperative work environment he promotes and supports throughout the school day.

His unfailing support and endless commitment to union activism and the membership’s goals in education is exemplary.


The RTA would like to congratulate Jason for being selected by NYSUT for this honor.

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RTA Meeting Tuesday, July 12 4:30pm at Suffern High School

Title: RTA meeting regarding salary/credit audit
Location: Suffern High School Auditorium
Date: Tues., July 12, 2011
Time: 4:30pm

To all RTA members:

The District’s salary/credit audit is basically complete. Almost every RTA member will receive a letter this week from the District regarding the findings of this audit. The RTA will hold a meeting, for anyone interested, on July 12 in the Suffern High School Auditorium at 4:30 PM to discuss the audit and the agreement (MOA) between the District and the RTA. If you receive a letter claiming a discrepancy regarding your salary, it may be a good idea to attend Tuesday’s meeting. Hopefully, many of these discrepancy’s can be resolved.

John Canty

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