Nationwide Day of Action Mon., Dec. 9

Subject: Nationwide Day of Action to Support Public Education
Date: Mon., Dec. 9, 2013
Action: Please wear blue to support public education

On December 9th, there is a “Day of Action”. We are encouraging all members to wear blue, take pictures and share with the world.

What does that mean?

Show your support for:

• Funding for public schools
• A three-year moratorium on high-stakes consequences for standardized tests
• A focus on teaching and learning

I know our attention has been driven more by local concerns and rightfully so, however, lack of funding is still our number #1 enemy.   So…….be creative.

Share your photos. Wear blue, share blue. Send NYSUT your photos of blue solidarity via email or social media. They’ll post the photos as a massive message in support of public education.

Spread the word.

RSVP and share the event on Facebook. Let your friends know you’re taking part.
Download and print the poster.
NYSUT PAGE WITH ADDITIONAL INFO (open in Firefox or Chrome)

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