Thanks to all those who marched outside Sen. Carlucci’s office Fri., Mar. 21

Good morning, all.   Thanks to those who braved the elements and walked the line for a minute on Friday outside Senator Carlucci’s office to protest the budget.  HS members provided a very good turnout – some walked their newborns in strollers, some came with a friend in tow, and one brave, brave soul walked in that wind in nothing but a t-shirt and jeans!  In addition, BOE Member Maureen Danzig also was in attendance to protest the Senate Budget.  Thanks to all who came out and walked the line!

It seems that Carulcci’s staff requested multiple Clarkstown police to show up when we arrived, and they dutifully told us we had to walk on the sidewalk instead of stand, so as not to be loitering.  Meanwhile, neither he nor his staff met with us, and his staff simply stared out the windows at us.  News 12 and Journal News reporters arrived to do stories.

Here’s a link to a Journal News article on the march:

Again, thanks to all who showed up on short notice!   Take care and have a great week!

-Bill Ballerine



Subject: Rally for public education outside Sen. Carlucci’s office
Date: Fri., Mar. 21, 2014
Time: 3:00-5:00pm
Location: 95 South Middletown Rd., Nanuet, NY

Rally flyer

Message from RTA President John Canty:
VERY IMPORTANT: The Rally at Carlucci’s Office is extremely important. If the tax credit bill he supports gets passed, it will drain millions more from public schools and that means job loss and program loss. We need to step up and try to stop the madness. Even if you can only be there for 30 minutes, it will make a difference.


John Canty
President, RTA

The Senate resolution would:
• Allocate $800 million to a regressive tax freeze that requires a district to stay below the 1.46 percent tax cap and favors the wealthiest homeowners in the wealthiest districts. The Senate also makes permanent the existing tax cap law that would otherwise sunset in 2016.

• Provide $150 million in tax credits to wealthy corporations and individual donors, rising to $300 million in 2017, which could fund back-door vouchers to private schools. The Senate also provides an additional $38 million in non-public school aid. We oppose back-door vouchers and diverting funding from public schools.

• Require NYC to increase tuition payments to charter schools, and on a statewide basis, requires districts to provide space rent free to charter schools, provides building aid to charter schools, provides Pre-k funding to charters schools and gives charter schools veto power over any changes in co-location arrangements with public schools.

• Provide $161 million less in funding for K-12 school aid then the Assembly, or $820 million increase versus the Assembly’s $981 million increase for K-12.

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